Piotr Pekala Software Architect

Most of my services are independent of programming languages, technologies, libraries or domains related to project. My designs sometimes use multiple different tools to achieve optimal goals with the lowest costs. Thanks to analytical and knowledge crunching skills I am capable to work in any domain.

Technological experience

My biggest experience is related to JVM platform and languages that work with it (Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure), but I also have some experience in frontend applications with usage of JavaScript and backend applications implemented in GOLang, PHP and C++.

If you are interested in a more detailed list (which is not complete) take a look at my LinkedIn Profil.

I have experience in the following technical fields:

  • Microservices
  • Big data
  • Messaging systems
  • Optimizations and performance tuning to increase throughput and lower latencies
  • API design
  • Reliability engineering
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Crunching Knowledge technics
  • Database systems (RDBMS i NoSQL)
  • Cloud computing
  • User interfaces (UI)
  • Web applications
  • Machine Learning

I implemented projects in the following domains:

  • E-commerce
  • FinTech
  • Telco
  • Education
  • Ads
  • HRMS
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Traveling
  • Analitics
  • ML
  • Realestate
  • SEO